In Candy Land with Yana Chalaya

The great thing about working with Gulf Elite on their model series is as an artist, I have complete and full freedom to do what I want to do and create a set of what I think will be a fun experience for my team. 

This being the 3rd part of the series; I got to chose my concept with the model who got selected. Getting to know Yana was a rather unique experience because we met through social media (Facebook to be exact) and brainstormed for a shoot that involved her and her roller skates. That didn't happen...

But look at this girl! She's a student of computer programming, does egg-shell painting during Easter, and is a ball of Ukrainian goodness and my very own, Candy Girl!

Thank you Candylicious UAE for this jaw-dropping, sugar-rushing, venue that brought a better vision to life!

My star image with this cutie!

My star image with this cutie!

Scroll below for deets, creds and BTS clips!

You can read more about Yana Chalaya here