Beansie, My Bud.

Is it odd for a 23 year old to still be sleeping with her best friend? 

Nabeela Huda Beansie

Legend has it, that I was relentlessly crying one day, refusing to stop. Bless my parents for bearing patience through my usual tantrums. 

So my dad picks my 1 year old body up and takes me down for a walk, below our old house in Salam street to calm me down, and perhaps if God willed, to shut me up. While crossing a small department store at the time, Beansie looked out at me through the window. We instantly connected.

Here began a series of epileptic cries because I just needed to have my teddy bear. As he was a good man, he gave up quickly, and bought me my longest living bud.

Anyway, Beansie has been with me through thick and thin. We've crossed several security checks together, spoke several sleepless nights, and till date, read books together.

If that's not a strong bond, I don't know what is.

Who is your favorite friend?

Beansie and me