Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Abu Dhabi: Lujian + Ali

You know that feeling of when you are put in the spotlight because your client is a photographer herself? 

Well, yes I just recently passed a serious test of skills with this lovely, fabulous woman, Lujain Tab! AND I am proud to tell you, I believe I passed! ;)

To celebrate their love, the long-lost friends-turned-couple spent the evening for their engagement at the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club where the sun was kind and the wind was caressing. We ran through the lush golf gardens and traveled in a buggy that took us to the beach.

Along the way there were intrigued gazelles, lovers in arms, a very little excited photographer (me)!

Here's what our day looked like: 


On a different note, why don't we get together for your engagement shoot?

- Until laters xxx