The Little Brownie and Another Huda

Some of you may or may not know that I had my first ever teaching session with Nikon School Middle East and one of my strongest supporters, my sister, Sabira, was also there. 

When she asked to write on my blog, I thought it would be biased and possibly a bad idea... Until I read what she wrote: 


Last Saturday when the sky was a baby blue hue and the Dubai roads as confusing as ever, I attended my very first ‘Portrait’ photography class in the Nikon School. Not much of a photographer as much as an instagrammer, I was eager to learn how to take aesthetically pleasing photos.

When I arrived to the class, there were about a dozen more students who were as excited as I was to learn about our new cameras. An hour-long presentation followed by a demonstration, I was guaranteed to come out as a more skilled photographer. 

With great classes come great teachers, and my instructor was fairly great. We were taught by an Abu Dhabi based, short brownie named Nabeela Huda (I think her and I are close enough for me to call her that). She danced and jumped throughout her presentation to keep everyone alert and entertained. During demonstrations, she answered questions with a smile. I thought she was ok. 

Now the question you all have been dying to ask: did I come out taking good pictures? Scroll down and be my judge!

(Nabeela: What's up with my mouth?)

(Nabeela: What's up with my mouth?)

A big round of applause for our model, Layla. 

A big round of applause for our model, Layla. 

P.S. The subject of the photos are my instructor. This is not creepy because, *SISTER MODE: ON*, she's my sister.

PSS: This is Nabeela. Isn't my sister a cutie?