In-Suit with Kirill Pryakhin

The first time I met him, he gave me a rose.

Ok well not so much as that, he gave everyone a rose -_- (lol). 

We first met through our companies and what was a business deal turned out to be a pretty great friendship. We then decided to embark on a journey together, a journey to be more cultured... We started hanging out with the cool crowds in Abu Dhabi's art galleries.

To cut to the chase, here's a guy confident in himself and what he does, loving what he does, pretty much every great day of his life. A salesperson by nature, he can sell ice to eskimos. Business savvy, goal driven, and his pearly white teeth, gave this Russian boy the courage to win the second round of the Gulf Elite Model Series.

Here's our work together and some more about him here.

My special thanks to all the people involved in this team: 

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