The Funny Spanish Girl, Cristina Merino

This month I embarked on a journey with my good friends at Gulf Elite to create a Model Series where we approach fashion differently. The aim was to work with different talents across Abu Dhabi (stylists, hair dressers, make up artists, costume makers, etc.) and enrich the platform here, while focusing on the models and their personalities themselves.

Luckily my counterpart, Gulf Elite, has done a good job describing our mission together:

Supermodels: some fantasise about their dream-like looks and some blame them to be lacking the brains to succeed in intellectually demanding areas, but what few realize is that for every model there is a story, there are passions and goals, there is a story to be told and a person to be celebrated.
Gulf Elite (Nov, 2015)

Cristina Merino is a one funny and sweet girl I got to meet as part of our series. You can read more about this beautiful woman here

My special thanks to all the people involved in this team: 

For more info about the 5-Spot series, find it here!